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How It All Began.

How It All Began.

How It All Began

Read Our Story & Learn More About Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals.


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Bella Coola Vehicle

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In the early days, a few locals offered rentals in Bella Coola featuring a handful of compact cars. Those cars operated under one strict rule

NO driving on gravel roads. Fast forward to 2010 and Steve Waugh thought: "This is absurd!" How could anyone miss out on Odegaard Falls, Purgatory, Tote Road, Hunlen Falls, M. Gurr Lake, or Clayton Ridge? Let’s give them a real car so they can drive to those places!


Steve envisioned a fleet of rugged SUVs for exploring the Bella Coola Valley and a dedicated vehicle rental business was born. The first vehicle in the fleet was Unit 010, a reliable Jeep Cherokee Sport that's still part of the fleet today. Currently we boast over 20 meticulously maintained, repurposed vehicles for a variety of purposes.

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At Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals, we prioritize clean passenger areas in our vehicles, emphasizing environmental consciousness. With over half of our region's roads being unpaved, we minimize water usage to reduce our environmental footprint, a choice our clients value. We actively promote eco-friendly vehicle use, especially in remote areas, as we acknowledge our role in facilitating travel to pristine natural environments. We urge our clients to be mindful of their impact on the environment, including its flora, fauna, water, and fellow visitors.


✓ Stay on established roadways whenever possible.

✓ Respect park and conservancy boundaries that may have specific restrictions.

✓ Ensure responsible waste disposal; we can assist in removing waste at the end of your rental.

✓ Be mindful of the impact your driving may have on the local ecosystem, including plants, birds, and animals.

✓ Handle fire with care and promptly report hazards to authorities.

✓ Show consideration for fellow travellers by avoiding loud or disruptive activities.


☒ Drive on soft ground that could harm waterways and vegetation.

☒ Cut or harm trees and other vegetation.

☒ Spill fuel or automotive products.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Great service. Straight off the plane, I was picking up my keys and chatting with Steve and Dave, very friendly people. I got a Jeep Liberty, and it's just what you need for the forest service roads around Bella Coola."

Anthony Dyer

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